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Image by Vincentiu Solomon



I am accepting consultation from colleagues who wish to learn more about:

  • Autistic affirming therapy

  • fat liberation

  • disability justice

  • queer affirming therapy

  • PIC Abolition + it's relationship to therapy

What to Expect

You'll receive an intake form that asks questions intended to guide our consultation session and determine if this is a single session or if you're looking to form a long-term relationship.

You should receive an email the day of your appointment with a link to the meeting room.


If we do not have a preestablished relationship of mutual aid and you want my expertise that is grounded in a marginalized identity, it is appropriate to pay me for that knowledge and experience.

My fee is $175 / hour. I also accept barter.

I will talk to anyone about prison / policing abolition for free.


"I'm a limited license social worker can I hire you for supervision?"

Yes. That requires a mutually constructed agreement that we create. I will also want to spend time with you to determine if our values align.

Book an Appointment

You can schedule time with me via my Nebula Portal

All appointments require 48 hour notice and my approval.

Select consultation.

Use the comment box to note what you're seeking consultation for. If I do not understand your request I may ask for further clarification by email before approving your appointment.

Organizational Training

The first question I ask folks asking me to tailor a training to their workplace or for me to train their interns is:

"What is your budget?"

If you reach out to me asking for my services please let me know what your budget is.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

Thanks for submitting!

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